Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kona's Chips Review

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Kona's Chips are jerky dog treats made from premium 100% USDA inspected sliced chicken breasts.  They are produced, processed, packaged and sold in the USA.  The product was developed when the company's beloved dog became very ill after eating dried chicken breasts imported from China. After nursing their dog, Kona, back to health they dedicated themselves to creating healthy all-American treats. As a result, the pet owners developed Kona's Chips and became the first manufacturer of pet treats to earn a Made in USA Certification.

I was given two packs of treats for Butch to sample, the classic Kona's Chips and Liver Licks. The original Kona's Chips is a 6 oz pack of chicken jerky and is 100% all natural. Because of the nature of the treat, they require refrigeration. I was impressed by the size of the treats (size of a chicken breast). Since Butch is quite large, a small dainty treat is just not enough for him and these were right up his alley. I would love to tell you how the dining experience was for him, but he strangely would run off and hide while he ate these. This is something he has never done with another treat, perhaps he did not want to share! The bag of treats sells for $9.49.

The Liver Licks also comes in a 6oz package. They are made from human-grade USDA approved chicken liver, barley and molasses. Chicken liver is known to be rich in amino acids, protein, phosphorous, potassium, copper, and Vitamin A & B-complex. Butch enjoyed these bite-sized treats as well. Much smaller than the Kona's Chips, it took a few more of these to satisfy my Boxer but he seemed happy none-the-less. This bag of treats sells for $8.79.

Buy it Here: You can purchase Kona's Chips products from their website.

I was provided with the above mentioned products for the purpose of facilitating this review. No other compensation was received and the views expressed here are my own.

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