Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back to School with Post-It - Review

Post-it has come a long way since the little yellow sticky pad. Now they have so many colors and products available that it hard to believe I actually survived without Post-its at some point in my life. They are one of my favorite office supplies and I cannot get enough of their products. You should consider the following products which can really help keep you and your children organized throughout the year.

Post-it Pockets: I am always trying to find ways to organize incoming bills, papers, permission slips, etc and I have yet to find a system that will actually keep me from losing things.  The plastic pockets have peel and stick backing so you can hang them wherever you tend to gather papers. I stuck some up on the backing of my desk and I have been thrilled with them ever since. I can organize bills, receipts, and to-do lists and my desk top can remain free from clutter!  They really do stick well. In fact, I was given some colored versions a year ago and they are still in place on my desk a year later! There are also envelope-style pockets that stick inside a book or binder and allow you to keep money, disks, or other small necessary items secured. The envelope seals with a plastic Velcro strip.

Super-Sticky Notes: The old classic Post-it notes have so many uses. I use them all the time at work. In fact, I probably go through a package of them every 1-2 weeks! They are now available in Jewel  Pop Colors that draw on the influences from current fashion, beauty and home d├ęcor trends.  For the "green" family, they also offer a Recycled Note within this line of products that works just as great.

Full-Adhesive Notes: Unlike the classic design, you are able to mount the entire pad on your work surface (thanks to the removable back sheets) making these much more mobile. The added adhesive makes them adhere to surfaces in a much more secure manner which means they will not unintentionally fall from high traffic areas (like my refrigerator).  The adhesive is just as sticky, there is just more of it. I was easily able to stick the Post-its wherever I desired and also reposition them as necessary. I would say that since these stay in place better, I prefer these over the classic design

Apple Pop-Up Note Dispenser: This is an adorable unit that sits on your desk and allows you to take Post-its with one hand. It is a lot more fun than a traditional dispenser and works just as well. My having your Post-Its within hands reach helps you to be more efficient while working. It is very heavy so you truly can pull out a Post-It easily without the dispenser moving an inch. The next Post-It then comes into place automatically, ready for the next time you need one. The dispenser is refillable so you can keep this unit on your desk all year long! This would make the perfect teacher gift!

Storage Container Label Pad: Perfect for home organization or for the college student returning to a dorm, these labels are easy to write on and stick securely, but remove cleanly from boxes, glass containers, books, files, and more with no sticky residue left behind. My winter project is going to be reorganizing our storage area in the basement and these will definitely come in handy!

Super Sticky Removable Note Tabs:  These lined note tabs can be used as a bookmark to call attention to frequently referenced pages while also providing  an easy-to-write surface for important notes. They are removable so they do not damage your papers/books. This will definitely come in handy because my son's books are all on loan and he has a hard time staying organized when he has to do book reports. This is a great way to tab and summarize areas of the book for reference later when he is completing his project.

2" Angled and Solid Tabs: These handy products can be used to color code files and easily create order. They are quite thick and made of plastic so they can survive through repeated handling and use. I love to use these at work. Since I am in charge of a lot of programming, I use color coding to help keep different program information separate. These are much more attractive than the clear plastic file tabs that come with hanging file folders and are much more durable.

Post-it Flags: These are another must-have at my place of work. They mark important information or indicate where someone needs to insert information and/or sign a paper. They self-stick but remove easily without ruining the document.

There are very few products that I am brand-loyal with, but Post-it products are some of those products. There quality is superior to "generic" brands and they are much more attractive. Plus, I love how they are always coming out with new and innovative products. I can never get enough of them!

Buy it here: Post-it products are available in your local store's office supply aisle.

I was provided with the above mentioned products for the purpose of facilitating this review. No other compensation was received and the views expressed here are my own.

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