Monday, August 13, 2012

Microsoft Office 2010 Review and Giveaway (over $100 value)!

One of the essentials for older children and college students heading back to school is appropriate software to allow them to complete reports and assignments. Chances are, if you purchased a computer years ago your Microsoft Office software could use an update. Microsoft Office (Office 2010 on the PC and Office 2011 on the Mac) contains the must have applications for school packed with features to capture your ideas and help transform them into great work. 

Microsoft Office software has a lot to offer you and your children including:

  • Powerpoint 
  • Microsoft Word 
  • Excel 
  • One Note (allows you to keep audio, video, web clips, and scanned images in one place)
Review:  My son is going into 4th grade this year and I am already aware that he will have  many more papers to do and possibly even some presentations. While I use Microsoft Office software at work, my home version is really old and outdated. I was given a download code to give the 2010 version a try.  The first thing I will mention is that the program is quite large so you want to make sure you have enough space on your computer, a mistake I made. Since my computer is so old, the hard drive is pretty full. Once I loaded the program I thought my computer was going to completely die. I deleted my old Microsoft programs and transferred all my pictures to my external hard drive (something I desperately needed to do) and my computer was running better again.

The most common program we use at home is Word.  My son has had to do reports and I often need it for professional letter writing. In older versions of Word, there were some helpful functions, such as word count, that were quite hidden and required a more advanced knowledge of the program to find and use. The 2010 version makes it much easier. All of the classic features are there, making the program so much more than a computer version of a typewriter. 

I have never used the One Note program before.  The program basically allows you to set up electronic files for everyday things like passwords, documents, pictures, and other media documents. It basically serves as an electronic version of your file cabinet. You are able to password protect folders, keeping things like passwords, private documents, and gift lists free from prying eyes. There are also fun folder options like recipes and you can, of course, make your own. This is going to be a very helpful tool for my son as he will be able to separate school documents and keep projects better organized.

I use the Excel program at work all of the time; however, I hated the changes they made to the program in the previous update.  So, I was eager to see if the 2010 version was more intuitive and helpful.  I did find that I liked this version more. There were cool things (which I never noticed on the previous version but could have existed without my awareness) like averages, sums, and counts available on the bottom bar that basically gave you a preview of the calculations without you needed to enter a full formula.  There were the same charting options available but the ability to edit the charts seemed much easier thanks to the program automatically highlighting the different tools and options available.

I use PowerPoint at work and my son learned how to do his first slideshow presentation in 2nd grade! I found this version extremely easy to use and even though I rarely have to put one together, the program is intuitive enough that doing a PowerPoint is kind of like riding a bike. The program offers a nice assortment of background, designs, animations, and transitions to really create a great presentation.

Also included are Publisher, Outlook , and Access, none of which I use at home but can be helpful for the professional.  Overall, I would say that the updated version is a nice upgrade from the previous version(s) and well worth the upgrade. 

Buy it here: You can purchase Microsoft Office 2010 for at 15% off for $127.49 (1 household, up to 3PCs) or $119.99 (1 user, 1 PC) directly from Microsoft. Discount is valid until 9/14. 

Win it here: 

I was provided with the above mentioned product for the purpose of facilitating this review. No other compensation was received and the views expressed here are my own. 


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I need microsoft Word to be easier to work from home.

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We need Word the most for reports and other homework.

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Word is the most used in this household.

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Word gets used more than anything

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We use microsoft word all the time for school... but we're still using the office from XP days

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Office one of the most helpful things on the computer hope to get one on mine

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Definitely Outlook for my crazy schedule (all of ours, really!) and Word would be great for school projects!

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We definitely need Microsoft Word more for school reports.
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We need word. I have children in school and they have reports that need to be done on word.

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We need word and excel for many uses in our household.