Saturday, February 9, 2013

Listerine Review and Giveaway!

Has the cold and flu season gotten to you yet? This time of year many people tend to stock up on the disinfectant  and wash their hands constantly. While these are good ways to combat germs, don't forget about your moth! With the billions of germs your mouth encounters each day, taking care of your mouth should be as routine as some of your other germ-killing behaviors. If germs in the mouth are left untreated, problems can occur such as cavities, tooth decay, and gingivitis. 

Brushing alone misses 75% of your mouth which is why a complete routine of brushing, flossing, and rinsing is critical for achieving a healthy mouth. Listerine has several products that can help! 
  • Listerine Ultraclean is the only leading mouthwash with an anti-tarter ingredient and the formula is designed to leave your mouth feeling clean 3x longer than brushing alone. Plus, it provides superior germ-killing benefits you probably associate with Listerine Antiseptic.
  • Listerine Whitening Original Gel whitens teeth and controls tarter to help prevent stains and provide a healthy looking, white smile. In addition, it restores enamel, strengthens teeth, kills bad breath germs to freshen breath, and provides fluoride to protect teeth from cavities. 
  • Listerine Pocket Packs are breath strips that instantly dissolve to give you fresh breath. They are available in cool mint, arctic berry, fresh burst, and cool heat.

Review: What I look for in oral care products are toothpastes and rinses that will give me clean teeth and fresh breath.  Listerine easily met these expectations and so much more. If you have ever tried Listerine then you know that the flavors are, well, intense.  They are packed with enough mint to clean your mouth and clear your sinuses at the same time.  However, if you can get past the initial shock, then you will likely find that the products are superior to a lot of other ones on the market.  

Typically, I notice that my teeth start to feel kind of grimy throughout the day. However, with Listerine Whitening Gel, my teeth not only felt incredibly clean after brushing but 12-18 hours later I could still run my tongue across my teeth and feel the same clean and smooth enamel I felt right after I brushed! I have never found another toothpaste that has been able to achieve this kind of effect. Not only that, but the whitening power gives the added bonus of making your teeth look as good as they feel. The Ultraclean mouthwash helped to really enhance the clean feel of my mouth. I had not been using mouthwash on a regular basis but after using it for the past couple of weeks I am convinced that it is incredibly important. It is not just about freshening your breath, it is about truly cleaning your mouth. Did I mention that I noticed a decrease in morning breath and my mouth felt way fresher first thing in the morning?! In the event that I would eat something a little stinky at work, it was nice to have the opportunity to quickly freshen my breath with the Pocket Packs. I hate chewing gum so this is a nice way to freshen up in an effortless way!

Buy it here: You can purchase Listerine products from your local mass merchants, grocery stores, and drug stores.

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I was provided with the above mentioned product for the purpose of facilitating this review. No other compensation was received and the views expressed here are my own. 


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Allison Downes said...

Chocolate covered strawberries

Thanks for the great giveaway!